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Transition Into a Retirement You Can Enjoy

Learn how to implement a strategy that works for you

Building your nest egg has prepared you for retirement, but knowing how to enjoy the fruit of your effort, without running out money, can be intimidating.


      GET STARTED NOW      
Choosing the Right Framework for Your Retirement Income Journey
To reach any destination, you must first know where you are, where you want to go, and how you’ll get there. Your retirement income journey requires the same planning.

Enter the Retirement Income Optimization Map™ and Funded Ratio Analysis, a tool we developed to help bring clarity to the Retirement Income planning process. 

Now, we want to show you how you can put these insights to work to create your very own Retirement Income Optimization Map™ and chart a path to the retirement you want! 

A Framework for Real Innovation that Works for You
By taking the best that Retirement Researcher has to offer and applying it to real-life client issues at McLean, we are able to make explicit what was once implicit. 

More importantly, this foundation has enabled us to become an impactful part of our clients’ lives. Recently, we were named one of the top 300 advisory practices in the country by the Financial Times.* 

The Retirement Income Optimization™ framework effectively guides the decision-making process for our clients. To be clear, the RIO Map is not a retirement income plan. Instead, it is a tool to help you approach retirement planning with a clear picture of your plan's strengths and weaknesses.
Think of it this way: instead of having to read over hundreds of hours of retirement income research while trying to determine what’s relevant for you, we have created a RIO-Map framework for you to easily help you narrow down the areas that merit your attention.

6 Conversations the RIO Map Can Help You Resolve
How do I make the transition from saving for retirement to spending in retirement? I did a good job accumulating assets, but now I need to use my portfolio to distribute income and I don't know if it will last.
I'm usually worried about the economy, but this time it seems like we are entering into an exceptionally bad stock market cycle.
How can I focus on retirement income right now when life just handed me [insert big life event] to deal with?
I can usually handle this, but there is a lot more going on here than I realized.
I think I can figure this out if given the time, but I have other things I'd rather be doing.
I want to make sure my spouse and I have a plan we both understand and are happy with.

The Components of Your Retirement Income Foundation:
The RIO Map 
The Four Types of Destinations
While there are as many personal retirement goals as there are colors in the world, we have narrowed them down to four primary categories, which we call “The 4 L’s of Retirement:” Longevity, Lifestyle, Legacy, and Liquidity. This section helps us identify and prioritize your goals. 
How to Create Your Retirement Income Floor
Reliable income sources are an essential part of drawing consistent income. These are used to offset essential expenses and Longevity goals. Our four components of reliable income sources determine what kind of income floor you can count on. 
The Factors for Investment Upside
This section of the map uses four factors to identify how well positioned you are to effectively capture market rates of return, how to practically manage your portfolio, and if you have potential gaps in knowledge or application that could lead to sub-optimal decisions and performance. 
Finding Shelter for That Rainy Day
This section of the map identifies seven components pertaining to how well-positioned you are to absorb any potential external shocks to your retirement income streams.. 
How to Assess the Path to Your Destination
Here we explore four areas that assess how well it all comes together, how on track you are, and what changes, if any, need to be made to your retirement journey. 

6 Steps to Your Own Retirement Income Optimization Map
And that’s not even counting the challenges of illnesses, career changes, divorce, and anything else life throws at you. It’s easy to feel that regardless of what you do, you will always be behind. 

If your retirement strategy consists of hoping things work out, that’s the difference between living out your days the way you want and retiring in resentment because things simply didn’t turn out your way. 
Ask the Right Questions
Our online interview process takes you through all aspects of the RIO Map™ framework to assess your thoughts and actions toward its key components. 
Filter Your Answers Based on Your Situation
To ensure your map is specific to your needs, your scores will depend on the various individual milestones in your life. These sensitivities will include, but are not limited to, your goal priorities, age, marital status, retirement dates, proximity to the “fragile decade,” and others. 
Determine the Range of Scores
We will score each section indidivually and then combine them to find your overall Retirement Income Optimization™ Score. 
Review Your Relative Strengths & Weaknesses
Your strengths and weaknesses will be prioritized based on your personal goals. 
Develop Your Plan of Action
This includes a general roadmap for you to begin to address the more salient items on your journey. 
Craft Your RIO Map
Once complete, you will have a Retirement Income Optimization Map™ constructed for your specific needs. 
Why the RIO Map™ Works

The RIO Map™ provides you a guide based on the latest distillation of Retirement Income research so you don’t have to put it together yourself.  

It keeps you focused on the key variables for your success while keeping you from going down any rabbit holes. 

When you sign up for a RIO Map™ you’ll get:
  • A 60-minute working session with your advisor to discuss your RIO Map™ and any questions you may have
  • An overall Retirement Risks Assessment to help identify any areas of your retirement plan that may leave you particularly vulnerable, and  
  • A Funded Ratio plan where we’ll compare your liabilities and assets to determine how compatible your goals are with your economic reality.  
What Is The Funded Ratio?

The Funded Ratio is a specific type of financial plan we developed to assess and better understand your current strategy allocation between your Reliable Income, Diversified Portfolio, and the Contingency portions of your RIO Map.  

The Funded Ratio is used to determine the dollar amounts of your goals, assets, and liabilities, and then quantify any gaps between the related asset and liability components within your RIO Map. Basically, it determines how compatible your preferences are with your economic reality.

The Funded Ratio will help you answer the following questions: 
  • Do you have enough to accomplish your future objectives?
  • Are you overfunded or underfunded relative to these objectives? 
  • How much investment risk should you add or remove from your investments and earmark into other strategies?
It is a great way to determine your options regarding how to best allocate your funds to efficiently provide your retirement income needs.
Every Journey Begins with the First Step 

You’re standing at the crossroads of your retirement income journey. Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you’ve been traveling… it’s rough, uphill, rocky, and confusing.  

On the right, the road less traveled. It’s smooth, paved, and shown to be the shortest path to your Retirement Income success! 

Thank You,  

Alex Murguia, Ph.D.  

CEO, McLean Asset Management Corp. 

Choose the right road. Let’s walk that road together.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the process look like once I sign up?
  • You receive a personalized link to take the online survey of the RIO Map™ and the Funded Ratio plan. 
  • Fill out the questionnaires. This typically takes about 30 minutes for the RIO questions and 15-20 minutes for the Funded Ratio. Some people take longer. You can always save and come back to it later if you can’t complete it in one sitting. 
  • Schedule the working session appointment. After you complete the questionnaire, you can schedule a call with an advisor, or we will be in touch with you within two business days to arrange an appointment to review your results. Meetings are generally scheduled at least one week in advance. 

Do I need to have paperwork ready for the online interview? 

No. The RIO Map™ questions were designed so you can answer without needing statements of any kind.  

For the Funded Ratio plan, you will just need aggregate information regarding your assets. 


Will I have access to my reports? 

Absolutely! (But not right away.) The reports take time to build, so we will have them ready for you at your working session. 


How do we meet? 

We will meet virtually using GoToMeeting. We will share our screen with you so we can actively collaborate on your plan during our session. If you prefer (and you live in the DC metro area), we can also meet in-person at our office.

* DISCLAIMER: Third party rankings and recognition from ratings services are no guarantee of future investment success. Working with a highly rated advisor does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance or results. Ratings should not be considered an endorsement of the advisor by any client nor are they representative of any one client’s evaluation. For additional information on the Financial Times, please refer to their website, next.ft.com. McLean Asset Management Corporation is a registered investment advisor and only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or excluded or exempted from registration requirements. The content of this publication is for informational purposes and is not an offer or solicitation for investment services or products. Financial Times used Assets Under Management, Asset Growth, Length of Existence, Compliance Record, Industry Certifications, and Online Accessibility as their determining criteria. More than 500 firms with over $300 million in assets under management applied, and FT selected 300 based on these criteria.